See All Our Ice Products Available in Chicago, IL

Packaged Ice

Available in 7-pound and 22-pound bags, these clear, round cylinders of ice are designed to cool beverages more quickly than ever before, and have always been a favorite. Made from softened, filtered water, Lang Packaged Ice is the anytime ice for all beverages.

Chicago’s Classic Cubes

These gourmet ice cubes are designed to last longer than any other type of ice. Made from ultra-purified water, these extraordinary cubes are cut from a 400-pound block of solid ice. Always clear, without any taste or odor, Classic Cubes are the perfect choice for all special occasions.

Crushed Ice

Use our 40 pound bags of crushed ice to ice produce, in meat processing, in a bakery, or for many other uses.

Block Ice/Carving Ice

Lang Ice has a more than 80-year history of producing fine quality block ice for ice carvings and bulk cooling needs. We use a reverse osmosis water purification system to create crystal clear ice in our blocks, every single time. Lang Ice ships competition quality 400-pound blocks of ice throughout the mid-west to independent ice carving specialists and festivals. We have also handled special effects requests from movies and television shows to turn trailer load shipments of block ice into snow. Also available in smaller 25- and 40-pound blocks at our vending locations.

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